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Anonymous asked you: Any tips on changing your drawing style?

just force yourself to do something comepletely different that what you usually do and stick with it FOR A WHILE, long enough to get fairly used to drawing that way. just break the flow of what you usually do. this way, you might find new ways to do things that you prefer/are interested in exploring further and you can carry them over to your “usual style”

Anonymous asked you: When using prismacolor pencil crayons, do you have to use a colorless blender? Like, would you suggest it or do you think it doesn’t matter too much whether you do or not? Just wondering…aha. And by the way I love your art so much.

i don’t do a lot of rendering with crayon/color pencil so i personally don’t use one, but it’s up to you! blender pencils are pretty cheap so get one (if you don’t already use one) and y’know, expirement using it, not using it, how to use it- and then decide if you if like using it or not, or if it makes a difference in the coloring that you prefer or what

*just gonna add that i don’t blenders for markers either, but that’s just my preference too

also thank you!

Anonymous asked you: whats your favourite thing to use for outlining small details

traditionally, a really hard pencil like an HB (if we’re being fancy lol). digitally, a smialler brush size???

Anonymous asked you: is it okay that I use mechanical pencils instead of sketching pencils? I dunno i just like the flow of them better…

nonnie there ain’t nothing wrong with using mechanical pencil. i use mechanical pencil allllll the tiiiimmmmmee. i always suggest trying different mediums because there’s just so much variety you can get, but if mechanical pencil is doing what you need it to do and you’re cool with that then use it ok!

  June 25, 2012 at 01:34pm