Fan art of dilfosaur fan art, super(hero)natural!!

I love all her art so much, its great!!! 

!!!!!!! YELLS AAAH!! thank you!!

sweats i really wanna draw sphn more, i need a big group picture, but i’m just busy with other stuff bwaaah!! but thank you ahaaaaaaaaa so cute thank you ;3;


Alright, the ask I’m working on from teamfreewillask has a bunch of different parts to it and I just KNOW it’s going to eat up a lot of time, so to keep myself *~*sharp*~* I drew these guys. I’ll tell you something, ever since I saw the Dark Knight Rises I’ve wanted to draw Bane, HIS BODY JUST LOOKS SO DRAWABLE I COULDN’T RESIST. The other fellow is Dean Winchester as a superhero, DESIGNED BY DILFOSAUR! Once again, I saw it and I HAD TO DRAW IT, guh so awesome. AWESOME IDEA TOO. So, really, this is just me drawing other people’s cool stuff. AS USUAL. I hope I did it justice, because the idea is just too cool <3


oh snap this is awesome…! thanks! i love when people draw the au designs cos they add things and give me new ideas heheheheh love that belt buckle…

also that bane shoooooot

your art is spankin’! and yes COLOR THEM


super(hero)natural dean (dilfosaur)

cause i had nothing to do so


Finished that sketch from the other night. Here we have “Angel” and “Hunter” from Dilfosaur’s awesome Super(HERO)natural AU. =D Look, I even did a crappy background! (Shit, ok, that’s a freaking masterpiece compared to my normal bg crap.)
I’m probably about a million years late for this party, but… better late than never?
Anyway, this is also here on my dA if you actually want to read my extensive comments on it.
TLDR oh mai gawd i love this freaking AU and this artist and this series auughhh

aaah thank you so much! I NEED TO WORK ON THIS AU but yes awesome!!!

  July 10, 2012 at 12:48am
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I just felt like drawing some Cas beaten up. ‘Cause being a hero is not an easy job.

Awesome Supernatural AU by Dilfosaur


thanks man! i’m glad you like the au even though i barely work on it

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  May 16, 2012 at 01:59pm


I’ve been wanting to do one of dilfosaur’s supremely-designed Super(hero)natural heroes for a long time, so I took one of my multimedia sketchbook assignments and ran with it. A combination of gouache, pencil, pen-and-ink, and collage was used.

The wings consumed my life, but I enjoyed every second.


this is uber awesome! thanks man, glad you like the AU ;u;



This is for #dilfosaur and for her Supernatural Heroes Au! Haha, I really love it so yeah here you go! not much… but meh. ^^ I was gonna draw Dean, but then I got lazy, so enjoy Castiel.

aaaahh QT

thank you very much ;a;

(supernatural hero au)

Hunter and Angel. 

My own contribution to Super(hero)natural, of which I am completely head over heels in love with. IT’S JUST SO GOOD. This, on the other hand, is not so good, but you know. I’ve tried my best. This is for dilfosaur, who is amazingly skilled and talented and brilliant and whose blog you should check out.

(and no, I don’t know why Angel is so small ;_;) 

aaaah GaWDsh thank you!! dis is qt

glad you like the au! ;A;


The Trickster from dilfosaur’s freaking awesome Super(hero)natural AU.  Her designs are much cooler and sexier <3 

Def one of my favorite Supernatural AUs

asdfghfd i just found this today TAGS YOU DO NOTHING!!!

but asdfgfdsdas thankz so much

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This is not a request, but a gift! For the talented and awesome dilfosaur, who has the coolest superhero!AU involving the men of SPN. :D :D :D

She is also greatly responsible for me giving my own OCs superhero counterparts because this super(hero)natural AU is what first put the idea into my head

THUS INSPIRATION. And a gift for her. :D If I get time I’m going to draw the rest, too <3 I love her cas and Balthazar, tooooo. And Trickster!Gabe is fabulous. :D

I hope y’all like it. :3

EEEEEK thank you this is so aweshummmmm ;a;

i might die if you do the rest just warning

i;m glad you like the au and aaaaaa thank you ty ty again so good