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Anonymous asked: Hey, Idk if these asks about college are annoying (you don't have to answer this if you don't want) but I'm from Texas and I'm considering going to school in NYC, maybe NYU or somth, and I was just wondering what you think about dorm situations. idk what the dorms are like at SVA but I hear that lots of colleges in NYC don't really have campuses and its kinda hard to meet people from your school. true/false/thoughts?

imo, dorm situation is best situation especially for your first year

yeah schools here don’t really have campuses that i know of- like all the buildings are in the same general area but no real campus. for sva the dorming is quite pricey esp if you want to live in a quality building (newer, not nasty and pesty lol), but essentially what you’re paying for is the convenience of living in manhattan near your school-area-thing. apartments in these ares are usually hella spensive and commuting can be troublesome so yeah dorming’s probably kind of expensive but it’s a trade-off

and yeah bc of the campus-less thing it can be hard to like hang out with people cos they’re just scattered all over the damn place, but hey most of my close friends are people i’ve lived with or met in the dorms (rather than actual classmates, no offense classmates) so yeah, if possible i definitely recommend dorming at least for your first year yupp!


  March 03, 2013 at 05:46pm