Anonymous asked: Could you please post some of the exercises you have to do for school? Like your animation stuff? I'd love to see the kind of school work you have to do for animation coz I'm interested in doing animation myself but I don't know if I'd be good enough..:)

hm well honestly i’ve already deleted most of my exercises (mostly b/c the files got corrupt between computers) so i don’t have much to show but i can pretty much list them off

  • swinging pendulum
  • the infamous bouncing ball
  • frog jumping
  • falling flour sack
  • falling leaf
  • whip motion
  • flag waving
  • character walk cycle
  • character reaction (a response to something)
  • walk cycle with scrolling backgroung
  • scrolling walk cycle with background
  • character run cycle
  • four legged character walk cycle

so these cover various principles (easing, secondary action, anticipation, weight, squash and stretch, etc etc sorry i just woke up from a nap and can’t remember a lot of stuff)   and then we have to use all those principles in our final, which was a one minute pencil test done by two people- you can see mine here

and ofc this was only for our animation workshop- we also had a drawing class (work can be seen here and the sketchbooks i kept as part of that class are here),a story pitch class (some work can be seen here), a history class on animation, and an acting class (shivers i still have that pulp fiction monologue memorized)- oh and a required literature class hahaha

so that’s my freshman year in a nut shell, but what kind of work you’d be doing depends on what school you go to and what professors you have (some of my friends were in different animation classes and had a very different work load than me, and the school i go to is very specialized so you declare your major from the start and get right to the actual animation- rather than taking a generic foundation semester or year). as for being “good enough”, remember that going to an art school is not about being “good” already, it’s about having the potential and drive to get good and then continue to get better throughout your education!

hope dis helps

  July 06, 2012 at 03:30pm

"the butt tutorial"

Anonymous asked you: MAY WE HAVE A BOOTY TUTORIAL?

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  July 05, 2012 at 02:01pm

garbagefruit asked: Any advice for someone too scared to develop their own style? I always think i'm not good enough, and gave up for a long time on my art. I want to come back, but i'm scared!


do it!

i said this before.. somewhere… changing your style can be hard because you’re breaking a habit so you have to put in the effort and be very diligent about it. stepping out of your comfort zone is how you improve, so, don’t be scared! you just GOTTA DO SOMETHING. don’t be afraid to exaggerate your drawings, take time to reference and do studies (with pretty much any subject, the best you can do is have a basis in life observation drawing), and just do something you’re totally uncomfortable with! and yes- more likely than not, this process will not yield anything that looks good at first (consider it stylistic puberty) but if you just keep at it and take note of what works and what doesn’t then you’ll eventually start to see something develop

hope that made sense and wasn’t too ramble-y, and good luck!

  July 05, 2012 at 01:08pm

reply bundle

SORRY I KEEP NOT ANSWERING THINGS INDIVIDUALLY there’s a couple not in here i’ll answer later but yeah weeeee

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  June 27, 2012 at 08:01pm

advice powst

Anonymous asked you: Any tips on changing your drawing style?

just force yourself to do something comepletely different that what you usually do and stick with it FOR A WHILE, long enough to get fairly used to drawing that way. just break the flow of what you usually do. this way, you might find new ways to do things that you prefer/are interested in exploring further and you can carry them over to your “usual style”

Anonymous asked you: When using prismacolor pencil crayons, do you have to use a colorless blender? Like, would you suggest it or do you think it doesn’t matter too much whether you do or not? Just wondering…aha. And by the way I love your art so much.

i don’t do a lot of rendering with crayon/color pencil so i personally don’t use one, but it’s up to you! blender pencils are pretty cheap so get one (if you don’t already use one) and y’know, expirement using it, not using it, how to use it- and then decide if you if like using it or not, or if it makes a difference in the coloring that you prefer or what

*just gonna add that i don’t blenders for markers either, but that’s just my preference too

also thank you!

Anonymous asked you: whats your favourite thing to use for outlining small details

traditionally, a really hard pencil like an HB (if we’re being fancy lol). digitally, a smialler brush size???

Anonymous asked you: is it okay that I use mechanical pencils instead of sketching pencils? I dunno i just like the flow of them better…

nonnie there ain’t nothing wrong with using mechanical pencil. i use mechanical pencil allllll the tiiiimmmmmee. i always suggest trying different mediums because there’s just so much variety you can get, but if mechanical pencil is doing what you need it to do and you’re cool with that then use it ok!

  June 25, 2012 at 01:34pm

more replies

sorry too many to answer indiviually

too manny

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  June 22, 2012 at 05:48pm

a bunch of replies

pretty much every question i’ve gotten and yet to reply to up in here, had to just put them in one post since there were a lot. if i still missed some SORRY my inbox is ungodly. also to the people asking about drawing hands UM HAHA WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT LATER UHHHUHUHUH i’m not really that good at drawing hands…


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  June 12, 2012 at 03:14pm

a look @ paper stop motion

Anonymous asked you: I really liked your old stop motion animation video. :D Could you please make a tutorial on how to do something like it? :)

buhbuh i’m actually kind of excited someone asked about that because those animations are like my favorite and most important pieces i’ve done… so sure! well, not a tutorial but i can show how it was made sort of

makes me wish i took pictures of the actual process but whateverrrr

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  June 09, 2012 at 03:36pm

how 2 draw man couches

Anonymous asked you: This is an odd question, but whenever I try to draw a man’s crotch, it always looks….odd. Could you please help?

yes this is an odd question

and yes i’ll be glad to throw something out there

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  June 04, 2012 at 12:56am

re: scanning and pencils

plushelephants asked you: Sorry to bother you again D: I’ve been wondering if you scan your sketches or not? Because every time I scan mine, they simply look awful and disturbing D: So how do you make them look good? Especially pencil sketches! Aaaaand what pencil hardness (I hope that’s the right word!) do you use? I’m using a HB and I just mess nearly every page up! D: Thank yooouuu <3 (and sorry for bothering you again ;_;)

first of all, it’s fine! i don’t mind :)

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  June 03, 2012 at 10:13pm

thollukths asked: Hi how did you learn to draw so well? I've tried references and stock but I either A) screw it up right off the bat, B) end up in a situation where I want to draw but don't have my references and using real people is too difficult (or awkward :P), or C) get one thing perfect but then screw everything else up after all of my hard work.

PERSISTENCE AND TRICKERY! more or less. but really don’t let that stuff get you down! i’ve been drawing (for study) for about four years don’t freak out cos it takes time. especially drawing people. since i’m guessing that’s what you’re interested in, i highly suggest find a place where you can draw from a nude model, or alternatively just find a place where you can hang out and observe/draw people, or use posemasters or SOMETHING. just draw lots of people from observation. MANY MANY MANY. you’re so right that reference isn’t always possible to have, so work to have a good understanding of how a body moves and is structured so you can work from your imagination when you need to. and even if you don’t get it totally accurate, as long as you understand what you’re doing you can kind of fudge it and no one will really notice (hahah yep).

trial and error is simply part of the process. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve managed to screw up a piece at the end and trash it (sometimes it was for school so i couldn’t even trash it, i just had to own up to mistakes), and i have sketchbooks full of mangled looking thumbnails i did to try and figure out how something should look. you just have to accept your not-so-good stuff and work to improve it; if you aim get everything right, everytime, right off the bat, you’ll get frustrated. loosen up and try not rush into things. yeah it kind of sucks to do a lot of work, especially if ends up being futile, but that’s just what it takes. your hard work isn’t a waste if you mess up, because you improve by making mistakes and persisting. i’m gonna cut off now to avoid rambling further, but i wish you luck with your work! 

  June 03, 2012 at 09:24pm

Anonymous asked: Are there any prismacolour marker colours you'd recommend as a starting palette for someone who's just starting to buy and use them?

uuuuhhhh basically no hahaha. i dunno it’s hard to say cos i just buy whatever color i want to at the time then stick with it until it dies and replace it with whatever i want when i replace it. like, i used to only have reds, blues, and grays cos that’s what i liked at the time and now i have a bunch of really light colors cos that’s what i like now. i wouldn’t know what to recommend for a basic palette because i barely have one. i guess i were to recommend something (and this is entirely just my preference, take with grain of salt): 

  1. skin tones. my skin palette with prismas is PM-12, PM-70, PM-PM-71, and PM-95. i also use some copics (a slightly darker peach than PM-12, a bright flesh pink, and a dark dull pink) that i don’t know the prisma equivalent of but they totally exist somewhere
  2. grays. have a gray scale, but it doesn’t have to be every gray. they’re in 10% intervals so there’s like 10 and you really only need like 5. don’t mix cools and warms
  3. anything else you want or specifically need?? it’s seriously up to you, i don’t even. i prefer lighter colors because that’s something you can only get with alcohol based markers like prismas (since water based ones are much darker since they’re wetter) so they just look cool and i enjoy that. but really it’s whatever your taste is. and if you can test the markers in-store DO IT (kindly) cos they’re rarely exactly what the label shows.
  4. happy drawing

  May 24, 2012 at 10:02pm

how 2 color dilfostyle

ok a couple of weeks ago i got a couple of asks asking for a marker tutorial and i finally got around to remembering to do it. sooo this my personal process for coloring; i think the best way to learn how to use markers is to experiment and find what works for you but it also helps to see various processes too so here’s my input.

note: i’m just gonna go ahead and be specific about colors and brands, be warned. also i’m so not rich so i have a limited palette hahaha

ok so first we need something to color. in my case, some thing very clumsy i doodled for the sake of doing this. hi skelly!

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  May 19, 2012 at 10:32pm