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wow i drew something

gurls doodle, wanna make comic about gurls cept i need to write it first oops

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  January 03, 2014 at 12:57am

old baraskelly aka what do i draw how do i draw what how

i was thinking about this character i had back when his name was rowen and his story was that he was an internet celeb type of guy but he was a vampire and he would meet up with naive fans and feed on them. also magic blood ribbon. but yeah i changed his design bc of changing trends and i just wanted to draw him again and reflect buhuhuhuyoo

break from commissions (and life)

been reading some headcanons and so uh headcanon???: cecil doesn’t know what he looks like like he thinks he just looks like a normal person. i mean its not like he looks into mirrors amirite. he thinks he’s a totally normal human being… but i like to think something attacked and mabe possessed him in “cassette”, changing him and his memories and manifesting as “tattoos”. but cecil doesn’t know it’s there and doesn’t realize he looks any different than he always did and just assumed that people are mistaking his birthmarks for tats etc i dunno

shrugs??? runs away??

runs away!!!!

i-it’s not like i like him or anything

that’s it that’s the episode

this adult baby lawyer game

jk here’s a doodle as i come down from sugar high

down now heeeeeeeeeeelp

ggggggurgle context-less doodle gggggggurhhh was gonna add a carlos but wwwwhhhhheeheh next time

ugh had to do this

ugh there’s go my evening


an entire tube of toothpaste

carlos gotta cook doodle