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it never really occurred to me that dean didn’t really wear red


also heeeehehe tanks *///*

and finally

merry christmas all :)

hope everyone had a good one, spent time with their families, and got something they wanted

i did!



Sketches for the lovely dilfosaur for her super(hero)natural AU which is SO COOL OKAY WHY CAN’T I DRAW OUT ALL MY AUS LIKE SHE DOES IDJSFKNMSDF also she sent me this amazing christmas card with this adorable drawing in it so I’m gonna draw her more stuff soon SO BRACE YOURSELVES.

Also Castiel is so fun and easy to draw okay damnit.

asdfgds thank you again!! sorry i’m so herp a derp lazy replying to things hahaha

i shall soon return to spamming everyone with AU things


and yes cas is the most fun to draw


dean this is like the fifth time you watched that movie stop it

winter!hunter because of reasons

now to hunker down and study for my lit final!! oh god

why am i thinking about part two why am i thinking about part two why am i awake all the time

damn this show

obligatory moe

k i’m done now

here have some genderbend superhero AU because i need to draw girls every once in a while


This is my favorite AU. Ever.

I mean, it’s Superheroes AND Supernatural.

My art does not do Dilfosaur’s justice.

Hunter and Angel’s designs belong to Dilfosaur.

EEK aaaahaaha i quite like this BE STYLIN

but thaanks! i’m glad you like the AU!!!