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concept art for part 2 of super(hero)nautral: trickster, hunter, and balthazar

not really gonna say much about design choices as they can totally change lol but (1) balthazar was desgned to match cas, except with more of a whore rouge vibe (2) the trickster doesn’t need a real costume because he’s the trickster goddamit- but as an archangel in hiding he still hides his face. with a coyote a mask


post-cas and dean showdown at bobby’s diner

pretend those scribbly lines are enochian and that there aren’t a 1000 wrong with this k

the real boys

i haven’t done a super(hero)natural comic in a while so

here they are real boys

when did it become four in the morning

oh boy gonna spend another evening at the studio, see you guys later ghhh

i keep trying to draw specific cool COMPLETE stuff and it just turns into lazy doodles that i’ve done 200 times before welp

hunter does not usually carry a shotgun but


supernatural superhero!au is dilfosaur’s and it’s pretty awesome

asdfgdsdffghjk babbus buhbuhbuhbuh

thanks yo!

can i just do a lot of au bromance

i wonder why that is


“You put up a good fight Hunter.”

Fanart for Dilfosaur’s Au of her SuperHero Au. All character design belongs to her. I just fell in love with her Supervillian Leviathan *u*, and I had to draw this because tentacles.  

ADSFGDASDF how did i not see this earlier, why do you do this to me tracked tags

but yes asdfdsadfds omg thanks aaaadgdgds!!

i mean not that this is what i had in mind when i designed leviathan

  November 08, 2011 at 01:21am

i always wanted human cas

woke up at three in the afternoon feeling almost completely over my mini-flu and with this song stuck in my head

not entirely successful experimentation ensued

i’ll have to do a clean version of this l8rrr