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bold and brash
(more like belongs in the trash)

  April 03, 2014 at 08:06pm

okay i wasn’t gonna get these except i was showing them to my friend and saw the price had dropped pretty significantly that day so ooops

  March 19, 2014 at 02:06pm

important purchase

i promise to stop with the non-art posts after this one

  March 10, 2014 at 04:28pm

brony scare

return of the wrist bump

so glad

so happy this is happening

  March 04, 2014 at 07:47pm

absbdjskxnskal my tablet wire is messed up and gotta keep it bent down for it to work, prays i can keep it working while i order a new one HANG IN THERE BUDDY ;-;

ooh today i found these little notebooks at muji that just has pages of boxes and i bought a couple bc they would be very good for drafting storyboards or making lil comics i think!! yeah idk if anyone finds this as useful as i think it is but i got them for $2 in the store and found them online here

another pillow case from my mom arrived today help


some process shots

ppl ask me about my process sometimes and it’s just like, never satisfied with the sketch 1000% effort on 1000 sketches and not rly anything else, forever second guessing yourself