Anonymous asked: I'm a senior from pva and I'm going to college in Washington State. What was it like moving to a completely (and far off place) for college and what's the best way/ and things to pack for the beginning of school? Did you get homesick? meow <3

omg hi, and congrats on college!

it was really kind of surreal moving at first. like it was really cool to have moved to another city but the second my parents left it was like, “oh shit i’m actually on my own for the next our months, hundreds of miles away from everything i’m used to?? what??” it was actually kind of a shock at first and i was really homesick the first night or two lol. but in the end you get over it and get accustomed to college life and make lots of new friends and it’s really cool

moving to a new city is always really weird cos you don’t know where anything, but if you have an orientation week you’ll probably have lots of freetime to explore the area around where you’ll be living. like settling in is so much easier once you know where everything is i guess.  and idk if it’s just my experience, but moving up north is hella weird cos some northerners act like coming from texas is like coming from fucking narnia or someth i dunno. have your southern accent prepared

usually my parents come with me to move-in (they like visiting new york hahaha) and we’ll each bring a suitcase except i’ll put my stuff in like all of them, and then they’ll leave me two suitcases for when i come back on my own in the summer. this way i get all the stuff i need to the dorm with out like busting the bank on overweight luggage or shipping. if you can buy it once you move in, i say don’t bring it- like household supplies and maybe appliances. find a place where you can store stuff over summer because  you’ll acquire lots of stuff over the course of the year and you don’t wanna just be hauling it back and forth

i still get a little homesick every now and then, mostly when i first return to new york after a break though. like new york is my second home now so i like being here haha…. so yeah, hope that ramble gave you some ideas i guess. good luck with moving! and as aways tell the art dept i miss them to bits for my k meow

  March 03, 2013 at 12:19pm
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