Anonymous asked: Hi, I have a question about SVA if you don't mind. I'm kind of in a difficult financial situation right now, but I really wanna go to SVA and I know it's expensive. I think that with grants, scholarships, and maybe a few loans I can pull it off. My question is do you think SVA is worth it? I don't mind going through all this if it can get me a legit education and job opportunities, but I'm really nervous about it. I know some art schools are scams and I'm not saying SVA is but is it worth it?

oops i forgot to answer this before. alright so i think i answered a question like this before and it’s…. difficult to answer? (you have to bear in mind that i can only speak for so much of the school, and i’m in one of the smallest majors so) i’ll put it this way: sva isn’t a scam in any way of course. it’s a legit place and lot’s of very talented and successful people teach here and have studied here… that’s not to say everything the school has to offer is WOW AMAZING!! i’ve taken a couple bullshitty classes and i was like, wow i can’t believe this is a class really (coughactingforanimatorscough) but hey you get out of it all what you put in. even in classes where i know i don’t like it or have to try too hard to get a good grade, i still put in a lot of effort because i’m forking out a lot of money to be here, and sometimes i even end up inspiring myself for future projects

so what i’m saying is there is a lot to get out of sva, or any good art college, but YOU have to make it worth your time and money. and i’m not trying to downplay the school; you CAN and probably WILL get an awesome education and make connections and get jobs thru sva but it’s not an automatic thing, you gotta werq!! idk about your situation, but that’s my take on it all


  January 30, 2013 at 09:24pm
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