karina f.

21 yrs old, texan, currently studying in new york city, ace, worships billy joel (if you don’t wanna contact me via tumblr message)

my face

legit info: graduated from hspva, 2011, majoring in animation at sva (graduating in 2015), texas commision on the arts young master, 2010, young arts cinematic arts merit awardee, 2010, scholastic art and writing national silver medalist (portfolio), 2011

messages are usually answered at random, so sorry if i don’t answer right away or at all! oops


  • what programs do you use for digital work?

currently i use photoshop cs6, but anything from before september 2012 was done in paint tool SAI because i switched OS ahaha

  • what programs do you use to animate

right now, i animate in flash cs6 and do clean up in photoshop

  • what kind of tablet do you use?

wacom bamboo pen tablet :)

  • what kind of markers do you use?

there’s a list of brands i recommend and use

  • what college do you go to/what do you study/what year are you?

sva (school of visual arts) in manhattan. i’m majoring in traditional animation. currently a junior/3rd year

  • (anything regarding college advice)

i usually type of a lot of stuff for these sort of questions and i tend to repeat myself so if you look through my advice tag, there’s a good bunch of stuff scattered in there. i’ll gladly answer any questions you have, the more specific the better (it’s just a bit of effort on my part hahahah)

  • how long have you been drawing?

like forever, but techincally i started studying art in high school

  • how do you draw ________/ can you make a tutorial on how to do ________?

uhhh maybe if i feel confident about explaining something then i’ll make a post about it, but if not… use google orz

  • do you do requests/can you draw _______?

ppl are welcome to send requests whenever- but be warned i will probably not do them unless i REALLY want to

  • do you livestream?

yes sometimes, i announce when i’m on!

  • can i use you art as my icon/background/print it out/etc?

sure sher sure. if you use it for something on your blag, i’d appreciate some bit of credit though :)

  • do you have a deviatart?

yeah but i don’t really update it any more

  • did you get my message? why didn’t you answer it?

sorry if i ignore your message but i do get quite a few and sometimes i just don’t answer them or forget to. it’s nothing personal! especially if it’s an anon message; i try not to post too many answers to keep my blog uncluttered

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