old baraskelly aka what do i draw how do i draw what how


pajamasecrets asked: how much potato

very potato


i was thinking about this character i had back when his name was rowen and his story was that he was an internet celeb type of guy but he was a vampire and he would meet up with naive fans and feed on them. also magic blood ribbon. but yeah i changed his design bc of changing trends and i just wanted to draw him again and reflect buhuhuhuyoo

some process shots

ppl ask me about my process sometimes and it’s just like, never satisfied with the sketch 1000% effort on 1000 sketches and not rly anything else, forever second guessing yourself

kind of spolier but gonna try to tag anyway, i haven’t really drawn something just for no reason in like a really long time sooo yeah quickly

the live show has left me sADDLED WITH UNNECESSARY FEELINGS 

lotsa fun at brooklyn night vale show

my last final project (that i’ll upload anyway). this was for a comedy film course i took and we had like, an open ended final? so my topic was horror comedy and i did like a baby pitch for a hypothetical hor-com movie type thing?? idk

also done all last night and this morning, wow gotta stop doing that

but all things considered i’m most pleased with how this project came out!! and i’m finally done with the semester thank santa, like i typo’d the pan direction dun even curr it’s christmas

!!!!! IT CAME!!! there was also a postcard and lanyard in the box and wow what a great way to end super stress tired week ;u;

some pickins from my layout work, just took out some i don’t like

i did most of this last night tbh (it was due today), i’m all about that dangerous life