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***~cec n kev~***

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VEST COMMISSIONS BROUGHT TO YOU BY dilfosaur & glitterdickz !!

FULL VEST: $50 flat rate, more $$$ with complexity. Vest MUST be provided for this! We do this only because of sizing. You may ask for a medium, but the medium we may find at the thrift store may be too small for you!! Ship us a vest!



VEST KIT: $35 includes 10 spikes, 50 studs, 1 large patch, and 2 small patches

If you are interested please email us at punksintheattic@gmail.com . We will consult with you on what you want! (Any theme any fandom)

There are TWO full vest commission slots open at a time! If you are not one of the first two to email us, you will be put on a wait list and we will eventually get to you! Everything is made to order.

There are THREE kit commissions open at a time! Everyone else will also be put on a wait list.

Email us and we’ll get back to you on when each item can be completed!




vest commission info is live!!! reiterating that if you want a vest done WE NEED TO BE SENT THE VEST AND WE ARE VERY SORRY IF THAT’S MORE INCONVENIENT FOR ANYONE!! we talked about it a lot and it’s the best way to ensure that your vest is JUST RIGHT FOR YOU since sizing is such a bitch and it would be sad for everyone if we do a vest and it ends up not being the right size or style;;;

but YEAH send us an email if you wanna set up an order!!

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coming soon

finally catchin up on night vale booooooop

kevin????????? based on my cecil???

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headintheoven asked: when you post your tutorial about making the vests, will you include where to find the blank vets to work on? (I'm totally pumped to do one but am sucky at finding blank clothes and stuff that aren't like $100)

this was meant to be in the vid but got cut out bc it was so long SO well i’m not a big shopper so for me getting the vests was a matter of luck in a way. i got mines from h&m and old navy for $30 each, and lauren got her vest for $20 on ebay (the seller had it priced at like $80 but accepted her $20 offer). we’ve seen vests at thrift stores and discount stores like tj maxx and marshalls, but those are a matter of luck since the stock at those stores always change. so yeah it’s matter of searching around in my experience. i’m pretty sure old navy has a summer event type thing going on CURRENTLY for denim and they have vests but idk how long that lasts so check on that if anywhere else!? yeah, happy hunting!!


  June 03, 2014 at 08:46pm

a lot of people have asked about how we made vests so we took a bunch of videos while working on the cas vest to maybe show some steps in how we did it!! we’re really just winging the whole process and having fun so if anything, this just proves anyone can do this stuff!!

sorry it’s kinda long and a lil boring/awk oop but hopefully this helps or inspires some people, and if you have more questions pls contact me or glitterdickz here on the tumbs. and if you hadn’t seen it,  here are more pics of the finished castiel vest


  June 03, 2014 at 08:37pm

CASTIEL VEST collab with glitterdickz also modeled by her!!! not for sale yet (i’ve grown attached….) but we will be opening up commissions very soon if people would be interested in somethin similar. we’ll have a video talking about making it as soon as i throw that together so yeeeaaah YEAH!!

  June 02, 2014 at 07:55pm

stitching taking forever and my fingers softly bleed, but YEAH

  June 01, 2014 at 04:22pm

cas vest is happening get hype

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ok i’m more satisfied with this time to sleep

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doodlin gadreel’s sperhero au design idk IDK

explains myself: pure white outfit bc he is full of regret (can’t decide if i want to have a symbolic black cloak). his head diddly dods are meant to resemble a laurel as well as horns. midriff bc he is even worse at pop culture than cas and i will prob make a comic about it


  May 30, 2014 at 12:18am

Anonymous asked: Your OC's are super cool! Seriously, I love them

!!!!!!!! ways to win my heart: compliment my ocs



  May 29, 2014 at 05:10pm

anchorsandmoons asked: do you do custom sailor moon vests. If I provided the vest paid for services and shipping? if not thats fine. your vest is just so amazing!


me and dilf are seriously considering doing some! we talked about it today ~ it might be our summer project doing patches and full vests!! sailor moon and other things!!


and thank you!


reminder: my buddy and i are in the planning stages of starting a small summer business for:

  • handmade, designed by us patches
  • full custom vests (dyed, studded, w patches)

PLEASE let either of us know if anyone’s interested in those sorta things so we can get an idea of scale of the project and what to do!! we’d be very happy to do this sorta work if any one is interested ^O^