boops been really busy/preoccupied with real life lately sorry!!

i feel like i don’t address this very much at all but i… have a comic book?? that you can buy??!!!! i won’t really be working on any new personal projects until summer (including part 2 of business fish) but yeah this still exists

you can read the whole thing online and/or buy it and i also still have some leftover prints to get rid of in my shoppp ayyyyy


again this is my lip sync homework, audio from this vinesauce video cos vinny is one of my favs

(i accidentally did this whole thing on a higher than normal frame rate without realizing till i finished and it made the streaming kind of wonky and then i accidentally pooped the post from last night trying to reupload it oops cries)

thatpartwhereiart asked: Hello! My name is Clare; I'm a senior in high school and an aspiring artist. I am trying to make college decisions between two schools: an art school and a prestigious state school. To help me I want to ask artists I admire on tumblr: What are your thoughts on going to art school? If you don't have the time/don't want to answer this, that's cool and if you do reply, thanks a bunch, this would really help me. :)

this another question i get often and don’t know how to answer!!! haahahahaha ayyy

so basically last night i was talking to my friend and something was said along the lines of “dude we are getting college degrees in art how fucking stupid is that??? *laughter” rite rite SO

i PERSONALLY don’t believe that you can “teach” art or “learn” art. i don’t believe you ever need a degree in something art related to go into an artistic profession if you’re skilled already, or to just plain BE an artist, especially now in our ~internet world~ where you can make your own career just self publishing online. some people are just so self-motivated and talented and hard working that they can just learn stuff on their own and hop on into the industry. and then there are, like myself, plenty of people who need more time to prepare….and prodding…

art school will not help you discover your love of art, or turn you into an artist. you gotta already have those things coming in. art school is kinda like a little nest where you can hang out and sharpen up your skills and gather more knowledge so that when you hop outta the nest, you can direct yourself and know what the hell you’re doing and have the skills you need to be a pro at whatever it you want to do. some people don’t need a school environment to get all that, but plenty do!!

so my call is only go to art school if you are 1000% sure you want to go into an artistic profession and need guidance and training. art school is… like… really hard. and it will push you VERY MUCH. and if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing it’s gonna suck. realtalk


Anonymous asked: UM!!!!!!! Hi, sorry, I was just considering colleges to go for after my first 2 years at community college, and I was wondering, from the point of view of someone who's both one of my prospective majors and a lot of experience with the school, is SVA like...a good school? that sounds sorta dumb, but im honestly worried that if i put my time and efforts and go there it wont be worth it okay sorry bye thank you ;w;

ummm i got asked a lot about sva and stuff i kinda honestly don’t know how to answer a lot of the time, yknow???

i know people who love it here, people who hated it, plenty in between. i myself am really enjoying the experience i’m getting by being here, having had the teachers i had and having met the friends i did- i’ve learned and improved a ton, and i’ve gotten a lot out of being here. at the same time i do have plenty of issue with how the animation curriculum is set up and how disorganized the school and be in general, etc

all i can say about sva is that it’s what you make of it. if you come in with an open mind and willing to challenge yourself, figure out how to use the college to best suit your needs, and take your school and work very seriously, then you’re probably golden. if you come in and don’t take responsibility then you may find yourself wasting a lot of time and money

sva can be an awesome school and will get you places but only if you put in the work


another storyboard, assignment was to make a scene based on a provided image and include the image (panel 16)


  January 31, 2014 at 06:00pm


i’m x10 more invested in cain than sam n dean’s annual tiff tbh so

ooh today i found these little notebooks at muji that just has pages of boxes and i bought a couple bc they would be very good for drafting storyboards or making lil comics i think!! yeah idk if anyone finds this as useful as i think it is but i got them for $2 in the store and found them online here

storyboard assignment- make a scene based on one (provided) sentence

?????????????? yeah

i drew mah friends real quick like (boop boop)

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surprise bitch i bet you never thought you’d see this au again

practice comic, gradually tried less and less until i just gave up lol

charlie and kevin hack HQ security in about one minute and go snooping (as dean n sam talk bout benny shh, buries self)