i accidentally came prepared for skeleton month

  October 01, 2014 at 01:02am

i drew kenzan for unnamed gx future au during class shhhhhh

random unfinished stuff from the last month i found in my draw folder ;;;;



Supernatural merchandise for fans, by fans! Any reblogs are extremely appreciated.

(via misha-collins)

works on things i foRGOT TO WORK ON FOR THE LAST MONTH

doodle break bc i wrote a lot for my media crit homework bleh

three years later and i still dunno how to draw the trenchcoat i have fooled you all

more future!juudais before bed, including scruff nomad

hair is fun i just likE DRAWIN HAIR OK

i have to design a new business card for class (and in general lbr) so i just pooped this out yeahhhh i’ll prob make this my new header too once i fix it up hahaha


i spent like 15 min taking a good pano of my toy collection so sorry i need to post it

grettings from unnamed gx future au hell

i haven’t drawn my girls in a while look it’s my girls

random doods i don’t feel like cleaning up

if i were to miraculously pick up unnamed gx future au it would totally be rivalshipping lbr

i haven’t done a lot of doodling lately bc i’ve been busy planning my thesis film!!! here are some random animatic panels bc i feel bad!!!! FAILING AT KEEPING THESIS A SECRET BUT I DUNNO MAYBE eight out of like 160 should be ok