i haven’t sketched in pencil in forever and it’s so nice to do again but now my bedroom floor is covered in eraser shavings, everywhere i step is eraser shavings

  July 23, 2014 at 02:22am


reps my ancient old otp

  July 23, 2014 at 02:13am

remember the guy who always carried an adult crocodile on his back

sorry not sorry if redraw all my middle school faves

  July 21, 2014 at 03:02pm

i was getting nostalgic and wanted to try drawing yu-gi-oh gx characters from memory LOL can’t draw anime anymore….

remember yugioh gx??? no?? its 2am

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super(hero)natural doodles between real work, lil new costume cas and gadreel

sorry to spam sphn i’m not tryin to make sphn happen i’m just in a mood A MOOD

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Anonymous asked: Oooooh! So maybe a reunion of Dean and Cas after the Leviathan arc? He did promise that'd he'd find a way back. Would Dean trust him from the start or be wary that it still isn't his Angel?

(castiel doesn’t disappear after leviathan a la born again identity, but rather he is unable to stay in control of leviathan and doesn’t know what will happen to him if dean ‘kills’ him. but dean is able to kill leviathan and remove it from cas’s body though also not knowing what will happen to cas. doop doop i’m totally still ironing out the details but here’s to brainstorming!!)

It was white, but also black.

Dean groaned, slowly opening his eyes and pulling himself off the ground.

It was a flash of white, when he plunged the blade into Castiel- when he pulled it aside with all his might, as if pulling two people apart. Then there was a flash of black, or rather a splash, as the slick black skin that had slowly been devouring Castiel tore apart and, well, exploded.

Oh god, he really blew up Cas.

Dean rubbed his head and scrambled to his feet. After the flash, splash, whatever, he wasn’t totally sure what happened. If he pulled the blade out. If that son of a bitch Leviathan screamed, or made some last retort. If Castiel came apart into a shower of flesh and inky muck. All he knew was that he was thrown backwards about ten feet, sliding on the cement floor for at least part of it judging by the burning scrapes on the backs of his arms.

His vision blurred back into focus and he pushed his body forward when he realized there was in fact something left where Castiel was standing. It wasn’t really person shaped, per se- it was more like a ragged, wet pile on the ground.

But it was something.


The crumpled heap twitched at the name. Then flexed and unfolded into two large, familiar wings, attached to the familiar silhouette of a person.


Dean stumbled to the ground in front of the body, who was gagging and wiping hastily at the black slime he was drenched in. The wings flapped desperately, shaking out sickly feathers and spraying a dark mist about with each powerful beat. Every single feather was mussed with the black film, and atop the body’s head a mess of dark hair was a similarly soaked and desperately slicked back. Blue eyes opened.

"Dean…?" Castiel croaked, spitting some black to the ground. The gunk was even on his teeth.

Dean swallowed, looking at him apprehensively. “…Is it really you?”

Castiel wiped his face clean with the back of his palm. “Y-yes. I understand if you don’t trust that statement-“

"What about Leviathan?"

"Gone." The angel looked down, wings folding nervously. "I cannot prove it but you managed to separate Leviathan from my body. What’s left of it is all this fluid…"

His words died down as he glanced up to see Dean giving him an intense look over. Investigating, perhaps. Castiel sat back up straight, waiting quietly.

"…Look at you." Dean mused after a few moments. "Flying again."

Castiel swallowed, wings unfurling. “I’m so sorry, Dean. I just wanted my powers back— I didn’t intend for this to happen. I just-“


"I just couldn’t stand not being by your side! Not being a hero." He sighed. "But I was so desperate to fix myself that I became one of the very monsters we fight-"

"Cas! You didn’t need to— you weren’t—" Dean groaned. "Look. I guess whatever you did worked out now, but that Leviathan shit? That was scary because… I thought that was you, permanently."

Dean cleared his throat sheepishly, voice growing softer. “What I mean is- I just, I would rather have you broken then not have you at all. You don’t have to fix anything. I promised to protect you, man.”

Castiel nodded, the corner of his mouth quirking slightly at the sight of Dean’s cheeks burning red at the brim of his mask. “But I also enjoy protecting you, Hunter.”

"Shut the hell up, Cas." Dean grumbled, but pulled Castiel into a loose hug anyway. "It’s good to have you back."

Castiel leaned in lightly. “Dean, I am a mess.”

"Yeah, you are."

"And, frankly, my clothes do not seem to be intact."

Dean grunted. “Your coat’s back at the HQ. Let’s go.”

  July 20, 2014 at 02:19am

hoodiecap asked: Jo walks in to find Sam stitching up a wound on Dean. (superheronatural prompt?)

(hello writing farts, takes place pre-castiel, jo is a waitress at bobby’s diner/front for the hq)

"What the hell?"

Sam jumped, gritting his teeth. It wasn’t the first time Dean had been shot. It wasn’t the first time Sam had to tend to the wound himself. It wasn’t even the first time they had to do it in the storage closet. But, almost miraculously, it was the first time someone found them there.

Dean gritted his teeth too, but only because Sam had frozen holding an alcohol soaked rag to his wound. Sam pulled away as Dean let out a strangled whimper.

"J-Jo? What are you- Your shift ended—" Sam sputtered, pulling back the hood of his jacket.

"Sam?" Jo squinted, eyebrows raising. "I left my phone back here…" She pointed disinterestedly to the shelf behind Sam, eyes fixed on Dean. Or rather, the Hunter.

The now-iconic green vest was hastily discarded onto a box of sugar packets. The slim area of uncovered skin on Dean’s left arm was covered in blood, surrounding a deep red hole not even an inch above where his gloves cut off. His biceps twitched painfully as he held back to impulse to cover his face. His mouth was still hidden under the mask, but his eyes were uncovered. Unmistakeable.

"Dean." Jo stated. Her tone was difficult to place. Flat. A touch of concern. A little curious. A mocking edge that is so typical of Jo. But surprisingly unimpressed.

"It’s not what it looks like?" Sam offered.

"Yeah right."

"Jo," Dean sighed. "I-I’m doing this for a good reason."

"Mhmm." She hummed, stepping closer and kneeling beside Dean. She reached over and delicately pulled the rest of his mask away, revealing his face completely. "Cat’s out of the bag, huh?"

"Jo seriously-"

"Dean seriously," she snapped back, giving him a knowing look. "You think I really didn’t know about your ‘secret identity’ by now?"

Sam looked up, blinking dumbly.

The urgency faded from Dean’s face. “What.”

"Some vigilante mofo running around looking exactly like you? Yeah, no. I’m offended you didn’t just tell me sooner."

"You can recognize me?" The scandalized look on Dean’s face was priceless.

"I’ve known you my whole life. I could recognize you anywhere."

Dean swallowed, but his body relaxed again. Sam shook his head and resumed cleaning the wound.

"You really shouldn’t be back here. It’s not sanitary. Plus you didn’t even lock the door."

"More pressing matters at hand. My mistake." Sam hummed.

"I can help, you know. With this sort of stuff. First aid and junk." Jo smirked at Dean. "It’d be just like when we were kids."

Dean rolled his eyes and Sam gave her a weary look. “You’re better off not getting involved.”

"Then maybe you shouldn’t do this shit in the storage closet, where literally anyone can get involved."


The three remained silent until Sam finished cleaning the wound and pulled fresh bandages out from behind the ketchup bottles.

"Okay, you can help." He whispered. Jo grinned and Dean looked aside with a childish huff.

  July 19, 2014 at 04:38pm

msbrokenbrightside asked: lucifer vs. sam in your au?

!!! well i’m still working on this bit but here’s like stuff on that:

so lucifer is introduced in “part 2” (along side leviathan) when he contacts castiel and tempts him into finding a way to regain his powers. cas lets him onto earth and lucifer quickly slips away once cas disappears. lucifer begins to frequent the diner posing as a human dude and since nobody recognizes him other than cas, no one knows!! lucifer knows that on earth, only cas and dean (and co) have the knowledge and powers to stop him from uh doing evil stuff so he tricks cas into becoming leviathan (which occupies the other angels walking earth) and begins to slowly take influence over sam (who is often his waiter at the diner since dean is busy doing hunter stuff), for leverage against dean. once leviathan is defeated, dean, cas and gabriel go to face lucifer to find he has brainwashed sam into fighting for him!!! significant costume change sam wears a red version of the hunter costume (HELL’S HUNTER~~~)

gabriel fights lucifer (eventually dying) leaving dean and cas to fight off sam. they’re unwilling to hurt him but are eventually able to get through to him and break lucifer’s hold. sam traps lucifer and banishes him from earth, but lucifer warns him that he’ll always be inside sam’s head

????????? i’m working on it

artistic license amirite

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it took me days to get these remotely consistent i’m an animator

  July 15, 2014 at 09:18pm

not even gonna bother with that hair, don’t care

uhhh i felt like animatin so i did a super rough night vale lipsync (clip from old oak doors A) that i will never finish holla, i’m getting tvpaint soon i need to start practicing again..!!

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sorry for the slight ramble

here is some secret work shh it’s a secret

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Anonymous asked: Wait how are you asexual but dating?

ummm because dating isn’t just about sex or sexual attraction

i’m not dating anyone/actively pursuing a relationship right now bc it’s been difficult and tbh i’m too discouraged by this sorta mindset


  July 11, 2014 at 12:02pm

teen wolf 21st

  July 09, 2014 at 08:45pm